Woman Asks If She’s Wrong For Choosing Her 12 Y.O. Dog Over Her Mom’s 5 Y.O. Stepson

Some people would rather have a dog as a friend than a human friend any day of the week. Year? Lifetime? Yes, forever. It should go without saying that a dog will never abandon you, let you down, or turn around and leave you. People might. The absolute love and loyalty of dogs, however, prevented them.

So why, you know, wouldn’t a person return that love in the same manner? especially if their family has abandoned them and disappointed them. As one Redditor who selected her wonderful dog Rory over her estranged mother’s stepson, both of whom required money for their medical ailments, explains, the disappointment just gets worse from there.

According to the tale, the estranged mother intended to use her daughter’s inheritance to pay for her stepson’s $15K worth of medical treatment. David, the son, is a year old. David, incidentally, need some medical attention that was $15,000. The marriage is also a surprise to OP, as is the fact that the mother of the daughter, who is OP, has a daughter.

Anyway, she has now requested $15K, and Cool-Sector has immediately responded “no.” Even though the situation stinks, the OP claimed that she just isn’t willing to help since she simply isn’t, and she also doesn’t have any extra cash. The conversation ended right there, but the mom ultimately learned about Rory and the impending surgery, which sparked another exchange that included multiple voicemails and texts in which she was called every imaginable insult. The daughter, incidentally, had already chosen a surgery.

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