15 Examples Of Tough Guys With Fragile Egos That Will Make You Cringe Hard

It’s a bit hard to figure out if we like tough guys or not! When we talk about them, an image automatically pops up in our minds. A man with a trench coat, a mustache, or probably a cigar in his mouth, a solid body and seriousness on their faces with a quirky smile. Yes, that’s how they look like (in our heads at least).

But, that is not always the case. Where most of the people feel they will kick their butts off if they ever try to speak to them, others on the contrary pass think they are attractive and would totally worship them if they could! Maybe that’s an exaggeration but we have seen people go above and beyond just to please these guys. And by that, we mean they don’t bother putting a stop to their very odd antics. These guys, more often than not, have no regard for others and would rather threaten you than try and think of the actual problem at hand. Just because they can’t handle the truth! Well, we wonder how long they can survive with that huge ego of theirs!

To each their own but if things get out of hand, someone has to intervene! Sadly, you can only ever try to explain things to someone who is ready to listen. Otherwise, it’s like talking to a wall!

You may be confused as to what we are talking about but we can always fix this issue! Scroll down and check out these pictures of tough guys with huge egos that might get on your last nerve!

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